About Us

Our Legacy

Launched in 2016, Georgia Legacy is a God centered outreach mission of transforming lives in and out of the ball field. We are a volunteer, non-profit driven organization out of Atlanta, Georgia. Our goals are simple and are to keep ball costs down, be committed to morals and values, have positive coaches, and to focus on the whole team and not one individual player. We strive to have a 10 point philosophy that focuses on:

  • Treat all players as valuable as players 1-9.
  • Academically Strong: Strategic partnerships that can help focus attention on promoting healthy academics.
  • Community outreach, giving back to others less fortunate
  • Strong coaches that can foster and teach life skills as well as the game outside the lines.
  • Strategic partnerships with hitting, pitching, and fielding coaches that uphold our values and morals.
  • Big Sister/Little Sister Program
  • Qualify for National and college exposure events
  • Promote and connect our players with colleges if they desire to play college ball
  • Promote life long friendships
  • Show sportsmanship and class on and off the field

It is our goal to prepare girls to learn and play the game of softball in a fun, healthy, and safe environment. We not only strive to teach game skills, but life skills, as well as building lasting relationships with good friends. We want every player's experience to lead her back to play year-after-year with Georgia Legacy, and develop her legacy!

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